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Root Canal (Endodontics) Treatment

It is common to visit a dental professional only when you have severe pain, injury or bleeding gums. Don't wait to get checked when you notice symptoms of gum disease such as chronic tooth pain and hot and cold sensitivity. When you have a damaged nerve or decayed tooth pulp, they are signs and symptoms of a root canal treatment. Before you visit a dentist, it is better to know about root canal treatment.

Root canal is a treatment used for cleaning of the infected root canal of the tooth. When a tooth's nerve or pulp cavity is damaged due to trauma, or any other injury, causing infection or an abscessed tooth. Root canal treatment is done to save the injured teeth. If the damaged tooth is left untreated it may lead to bacterial infection and cause the nerve to die. Root canal treatment is an advanced dental procedure that is used to repair and save the damaged tooth that is decayed or infected. Root canal therapy restores the tooth function and re-establishes the aesthetic appearance of the teeth.

Root canal treatment is performed by a qualified dentist who is specialized in Endodontics treatment. In the past, most people feared root canal treatment. It is time-consuming and the pain lasts for a long time. Due to modern advances in Endodontics technology, the root canal procedure is painless as getting a cavity filled. The entire root canal procedure will be completed in 2 or 3 visits to the dentist's office. An endodontist could spot the infected tooth through a routine exam and X rays. Local anesthesia is administered for endodontic pain, isolating the infected tooth from the saliva with a rubber dam. An opening is made through the side of the tooth to flush out the diseased pulp and the nerves with water. After cleaning thoroughly, the root canal is filled with a sealant. The cleaned root canal is sealed with the standard filling material, gutta percha, a natural polymer prepared from latex from the percha tree. Sometimes a plastic rod is inserted to provide structural support to the root canal. A dental crown is properly fitted on the tooth to restore the natural shape and color of the tooth. Once a crown or filling is done, a person can use the tooth as before. Loss of a dental nerve will not negatively impact health and affect your daily routine activities.

If you are interested in learning more about root canal treatment, please contact our root canal specialist in Fremont today!

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