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Bonding and White Fillings

Want to have white sparkling teeth and a good smile? Teeth whitening methods such as bleaching trays, bridges, crowns, or veneers are used to restore the damaged tooth and improve your smile. Dental restorations are expensive treatments to help restore your cracked or discolored teeth. It is often recommended that adults can enhance the shape of their teeth or fix cracked or stained teeth with tooth bonding and white fillings to reshape the natural tooth color and appearance. Dental bonding is used to repair and restore the cracked, chipped or discolored teeth, and white fillings, also called composed fillings, are used to treat the decayed tooth. Dental fillings are best for teeth, they are strong enough to withstand chewing forces.

White fillings are better than silver-colored fillings for treatment of dental cavities. They are among the most affordable and aesthetically pleasing option when compared to old tooth-filling methods. Dental bonding and white fillings are made from powdered glass quartz, silica or other ceramic particles added to a resin base. Before the bonding procedure, the dentist must prepare the area to hold the bonding in place. The decayed tooth needs to be chipped or drilled so that its shape can be changed. The dentist should match the shade and select the composite resin color for dental restoration. The surface of the tooth will be coated with a conditioning liquid and hardened which helps the bonding resin to adhere firmly to the teeth. The tooth-colored resin or white filling will be applied to the teeth. A dentist will apply thin layers of the resin and pressed into a mold to match the shape of the adjacent tooth. A bright blue light or LED curing light is used to harden the resin material and make it strong. The dentist will trim and polish the tooth to match the rest of the tooth. It usually takes about an hour to complete the dental bonding treatment.

Today several dental filling materials are available. White fillings and dental bonding are more favorable restorative material than traditional fillers. Composite fillings are strong, durable and fracture-resistant. Local anesthesia is not necessary for dental bonding and typically requires a single visit to your dentist's office. Dental filling procedure is quick, safe and quite affordable to craft a white, beautiful smile.

If you need an impartial advice on what kind of filling material is suited to your situation, please talk to our skilled and professional dental bonding team in Fremont for designing and preparing perfectly fitted fillings to match your tooth in just one or two visits. Call us to schedule an appointment today!

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