Tooth Bonding For a Beautiful Smile!

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Cosmetic and restorative dentistry is not a field dental patients are familiar with until they need a service like tooth bonding. Often referred to as a gateway to cosmetic dentistry, tooth bonding is easy to perform and cost effective. Unlike some restorative dentistry techniques, cosmetic tooth bonding does not require multiple visits to your cosmetic dentist.

The tooth bonding process is easy and affordable cosmetic dentistry. Tooth bonding uses cosmetic resin material to fill in gaps, restore chipped or broken teeth, reshape teeth, or even change the color of teeth and it is a simple procedure. First, the dental bonding is placed on the tooth. Then, it is sculpted by your dentists to look natural and pleasing to the eye. Cosmetic dentist will use a high intensity light to harden the resin, placed on the tooth and then the area is polished. With only 15 to 20 minutes of time required for each tooth, cosmetic tooth bonding is often quick and very affordable. General anesthesia is rarely required for dental bonding, but if needed, you can discuss this with your cosmetic dentists. The sedation dentist offers a small pill or oral sedative to relieve any pain or stress associated with tooth bonding. Cosmetic dentistry restores confidence and improves smiles in one visit.

Tooth bonding is cosmetic dentistry for common teeth imperfections such as:

  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Repair decayed teeth
  • Makes teeth look longer
  • Restore broken teeth
  • Close minor tooth gaps
  • Even to improve the appearance of discolored or stained teeth

Some may still be afraid of this procedure even though it is mild. Sedation dentistry is an option for those patients who have a fear of dental procedures, or who may have tooth decay. Your gentle sedation dentist may use a pill or oral sedative to help patients achieve a dream-like state, then wake up to a beautiful smile. You will feel confident and ready to face the world. The convenience of tooth bonding at your local cosmetic dentist will have you saying goodbye to an unattractive smile in one easy visit.

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