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Welcome to East Bay Dental

East Bay Dental is the dental office of an experienced East Bay Dentists Dr. Kamlesh Jinjuwadia, a leading dentist in the San Jose Bay Area.

At East Bay Dental in Fremont, our mantra is "Good quality dental care at reasonable cost with total satisfaction and personal care".

Dr. Jinjuwadia has over 15 years of experience in dentistry. He has treated thousand of satisfied dental patients. Due to his personal caring nature patients from surrounding areas like San Jose, Milpitas, Sunnyvale, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Union City, Hayward, and Tracy reach out to him for dental treatment.

We have a proven record of:
  • - Your Guaranteed Satisfaction
  • - Minimam Out of Pocket Expenses
  • - Acceptance of Most Dental Insurances
  • - Free Consultation for Invisalign®

Featured Article - Advantages of Dental Implant

Lost a tooth? Dental implant is here for you. Read more to discover the several benefits of Dental Implant to make an informed decision.

Improved Appearance: Dental Implant very much resembles the look and feel of your own teeth. It plays the role of an anchor by fusing it with the bone, thus becoming permanent.

Improved Speech: What happens with dentures is, if it is not fitted properly, teeth can slip within the mouth when you converse with others. This will bring down the clarity of your speech. With Dental Implants, you can overcome this problem given the fact that it gets fixed permanently.

Improved Comfort: Dental Implants eliminate the discomfort of removing dentures very often, as they become a part of your mouth permanently.

Easier Eating: Dental Implants are like your own teeth, comforting you with the privilege to eat your favorite foods without pain.

Improved Self-Esteem: With Dental Implants you can restore your smile, which in turn will help you feel better about yourself.

Improved Oral health: Dental Implant can be performed independently; it doesn't require the support of other adjoining teeth unlike dentures. Nearby teeth are not altered in any ways, thus improving your oral health.

Durability: Generally Dental Implants are durable and for long lasting for many years. If implants are accorded good care, then it might last for a lifetime too.

Convenience: With Dental Implants, you can just get rid of the inconvenience of removing dentures. And also you can stay away from other adhesives which are applied to keep dentures in place.

Steps involved in getting a Dental implant

Step 1: - Development of individualized treatment plan

Ensure that the plan addresses all your specific needs, and is prepared by a dentist who possesses rich experience in oral surgery and restorative dentistry.

Step 2: - Tooth root implant

This implant is composed of a small post made of titanium, which is placed into the bone socket of the missing tooth. Jaw bone will get healed in a short period of time enabling the implanted tooth to anchor securely in the jaw faster.

Step 3: - Abutment Attachment

Upon healing of jaw bone, a small connector post called abutment is attached to titanium post to securely hold the new tooth. Usually dentists will take impressions of your teeth and create models of all your biting styles, so as to match the nature of your natural teeth. The new tooth will be exactly based on this model. Dentists will also match the color of new teeth to your natural teeth.

At East Bay Dental, we serve patients around Fremont and Pleasanton areas with quality Dental Implant procedure at an affordable cost.

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Fax: (925) 523-3440

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"I was looking for a good dentist since I moved from the east coast. My colleague recommended this dentist so I called for an appointment. They were able to schedule it right away. The dentist was very thorough and scheduled a follow up deep cleaning. Overall a great experience."

- Sneha R.
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